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The Physics Gene

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1

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Learn the best 15 topics we encountered in university as we studied physics simply and elegantly without rigorous mathematics. Nothing is better than the reward of understanding how this complex universe operates and this is the best place to start with the 15 topics below.

Using physics, we understand the world we live in. This exploration leads us to the most fascinating theories today from quantum mechanics to general relativity.

But the problem with such theories is their dense mathematical requirements. So, we made an elegant and easy-to-understand description of all these topics without diving a lot into mathematics.


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Customer Reviews

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Chris Adams

Love it


I dislike how I can’t drink it, nor will it hold the ladder when I take the driveway camera down to recharge. It will not drive you home drunk. Things I like: colour and it’ll hook you up with it’s hot, Philippino friend who is doibd a massage course…

Andrei Voicu
Great book, worth reading

The book is nicely written and i enjoyed reading it, but being in a field that has nothing to do with quantum physics ( I am a medic ), there were a lot of parts that were difficult to understand and to follow. The book is written in a very easy going way, and I think is very fun and engaging for someone who has at least some knowledge of medium level physics. Nevertheless, I don’t regret reading it.

Simona Grigoriciuc

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1

Sönke Höötmann
Very good

Very good


Is the ebook available in other languages?

The eBook is only available in English at the moment.

Can I order a printed copy of the eBook?

The eBook is only available as a soft copy (pdf) at the moment.

Should I have a good base in physics or math?

We assumed zero knowledge in physics and math even when discussing advanced topics. We take you through every required detail one by one till we reach the final more complex idea.