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The Physics Gene

An Elegant Description of Astronomy

An Elegant Description of Astronomy

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Astronomy is to our soul what physics is to out mind.

When you look up to the night sky and get amazed by the universe, you're only experiencing a part of it. Imagine knowing exactly what's happening up there, understanding what constitutes our universe from the planets  and the moon to the stars and black holes. 

Discover the wonders of the universe with this captivating eBook that takes you on a journey of exploration and discovery.


In Part 1 of the eBook, you'll delve into the fascinating world of astronomy, exploring the building blocks of the universe and the latest breakthroughs in the field. You'll gain a deep understanding of the cosmos and how it works.

But that's not all - in Part 2, we'll dive into some of the biggest questions in astronomy and philosophy. What does it mean that the universe is infinite? Is there life beyond our planet? What is the nature of time and space? How do we make sense of the vastness of the universe? With this eBook, you'll explore these profound questions and more, gaining insights into the very nature of existence itself.

With clear and engaging prose, this eBook is the perfect guide to astronomy and the philosophical questions it raises combining the fun and education in one place.

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Customer Reviews

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Sara Davanzo

Davvero bello. Lo consiglio.


Is the ebook available in other languages?

The eBook is only available in English at the moment.

Can I order a printed copy of the eBook?

The eBook is only available as a soft copy (pdf) at the moment.

Should I have a good base in physics or math?

We assumed zero knowledge in physics and math even when discussing advanced topics. We take you through every required detail one by one till we reach the final more complex idea.