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The Physics Gene

An Elegant Description of the Quantum Universe

An Elegant Description of the Quantum Universe

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Quantum mechanics is absolutely one of the most exotic topics to learn. It's often said that it is unlearnable, however, this is a misconception. We don't know why nature behaves in this mysterious way, but we can learn the rules that govern it. 

In this eBook, we dove deep into the quantum realm as we explained it idea by idea. This is of course for beginners and doesn't contain the rigorous mathematics which is usually in quantum mechanics textbooks.

There is nothing more fulfilling than learning how nature operates, and it doesn't get any better than expanding your knowledge into the quantum realm.

If you don't know anything about quantum(or any physics or math), this will be mindblowing. And if you already know about it, you'll grasp the concepts even stronger as the eBook gets advanced at the end.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Philippe Jollivet
A lot in a nutsheel

The most important sentence of the book (see below) should be further highlighted :
"even after nearly 100 years of intense debate and research, there is no resolution to this issue. The question of the wave function collapse and the measurement problem remains one of the hardest (perhaps the hardest) questions in all of physics."

Paulo Silva
True Trivia

Always learning for a better understanding of what surrounds us. The universe and its composition is a good box of surprises


So easy to understand. Brilliant.

Joao Carlos Boaventura


Paul Burmester
Really interresting

Even tho Im german and had some troubles understanding some of the words. After using google translate for them the book was really interresting and easy to understand


Is the ebook available in other languages?

The eBook is only available in English at the moment.

Can I order a printed copy of the eBook?

The eBook is only available as a soft copy (pdf) at the moment.

Should I have a good base in physics or math?

We assumed zero knowledge in physics and math even when discussing advanced topics. We take you through every required detail one by one till we reach the final more complex idea.