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No epub format. Still great content

No epub format

True Trivia

Always learning for a better understanding of what surrounds us. The universe and its composition is a good box of surprises

Truly elegant

Concise simple yet in-depth, written with a sensitive touch of humanity.

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1

Loved it

Just finished it. Amazing description and much richer than I thought it’d be. Are you releasing another one?

Really interresting

Even tho Im german and had some troubles understanding some of the words. After using google translate for them the book was really interresting and easy to understand

So wonderfully clear

I was astonished at the clarity and clear writing. Bravo,
The best explanation for phenomenon ever. A true gift.


It is very interesting like how it gives the details about atom and the equations

Great writing

Clearly expressed and highly articulate and understandable.

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1


Suggestion, please write an ebook on 'TIME, many enthusiastic readers would be eager to read it. Many thanks.


An Elegant Description on Reality 1-2 is very brief, comprehensive and consise ebook covering the essential topics of Physics, which is easily understandable to the general readers. My suggestion would be to write an ebook on 'TIME". Thank you very much on this approach.

Easy to understand

The ebook is written in a very brief and comprehensive way, which are easy to understand for the general readers. My suggestion would be to write another ebook focusing on the subject of "time". Thank you for your approach in explaining the complicated universe.

Volume 2 takes a different approach to volume 1 with same easy to understand explanation

Easy flowing read to explain some highly difficult concepts.


still ploding my through the material but amazed at how this course is put together so i can actually understand it . I have a BA in science and hve been interested in quantum mechanics but when i read articles in it my head was spinning This course is as clear and concise as it can be and i actually underatand the fundamentals.


As for Volume 1, Vol.2 is nice and comprehensive summary af some important topics in (modern) physics. It is easy-to-read, even for non-native English speakers (like myself). The author describes all subjects in an easy to understand way although a general knowledge in science in general and physics in particular is useful for complete understanding.

Insightful and easy read

I enjoy reading and learning about how everything really works, without the heavy maths associated with it.

Excellent description makes understandable

I can just recommend all books from the guys excellently rounded up physics make you thrilled from the start of the books until the end. I only hope that they reslease the 4th book soon

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1

Interessant und begreiflich

Für jeden der sich für die Sterne und das Universum interessiert zu empfehlen.

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.2

Great coverage

I feel like this was the perfect delivery of information everybody deserves to have easier access to. Great book, eager to read vol 2

Do you have a Spanish version Of both books?