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Perfect book

It is the best book
If anyone has brought it can you please send its copy to my email [****]

I dislike how I can’t drink it, nor will it hold the ladder when I take the driveway camera down to recharge. It will not drive you home drunk. Things I like: colour and it’ll hook you up with it’s hot, Philippino friend who is doibd a massage course…

Great book, worth reading

The book is nicely written and i enjoyed reading it, but being in a field that has nothing to do with quantum physics ( I am a medic ), there were a lot of parts that were difficult to understand and to follow. The book is written in a very easy going way, and I think is very fun and engaging for someone who has at least some knowledge of medium level physics. Nevertheless, I don’t regret reading it.

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1

Very good

Very good



My first time reading and purchasing a physics book

I'm genuinely impressed. I plan on buying the other books you have to offer, after I’m done with the first. You’ve done a good job and should give yourselves a pat on the back. I might even take a physics class in college for fun just because you’ve peaked my interest in the subject. I’ve always been interested in space.

A lot in a nutsheel

The most important sentence of the book (see below) should be further highlighted :
"even after nearly 100 years of intense debate and research, there is no resolution to this issue. The question of the wave function collapse and the measurement problem remains one of the hardest (perhaps the hardest) questions in all of physics."


Davvero bello. Lo consiglio.

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.2

The Elegant description.

I haven't had the chance to really start reading this series, I've only made it a couple of pages in on the first elegant description of reality. But so far I am very intrigued by this book. Can't wait to have the time to read them all.

No epub format. Still great content

No epub format

True Trivia

Always learning for a better understanding of what surrounds us. The universe and its composition is a good box of surprises

Truly elegant

Concise simple yet in-depth, written with a sensitive touch of humanity.

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1

So easy to understand. Brilliant.

Easy to understand and very enjoyable. Learning is great and fun. Better than a formal class.

Loved it

Just finished it. Amazing description and much richer than I thought it’d be. Are you releasing another one?

Really interresting

Even tho Im german and had some troubles understanding some of the words. After using google translate for them the book was really interresting and easy to understand

So wonderfully clear

I was astonished at the clarity and clear writing. Bravo,
The best explanation for phenomenon ever. A true gift.


It is very interesting like how it gives the details about atom and the equations

Great writing

Clearly expressed and highly articulate and understandable.

An Elegant Description of Reality Vol.1